César Fariza, founder of Encuadernarium

I began my studies in the book world in 1992, specialising in binding. I subsequently had the opportunity to acquire more training in the Workshop (Escuela Taller), organised by the National Library of Spain on binding and the restoration and conservation of graphic documents. During the last two years of study at the National Library I was able to work with many different pieces, many of which were unique, as well as learn from first-class professionals such as Arsenio Sánchez, Javier Tacón, Inmaculada Latorre and Ángel Gómez, among others. It was during my time in the National Library when my profession became a passion.

I recognise that continuous training is a fundamental part of my job. Therefore I spend every single opportunity expanding my knowledge of antiquarian books, Coptic and Arabic binding, and Byzantine-Greek and Armenian binding, etc., either through seminars organised by institutions such as the National Library of Spain, or through workshops sponsored by the Complutense University of Madrid with experts in every field, among others. In addition, I have taught classes on binding and restoration in several training centres, such as in the Workshop (Escuela Taller) organised by the Spanish General Administration Archive. This desire to teach led me to gain more knowledge through a teacher training degree in the Complutense University of Madrid.

I have been a member of the binding team of the Official Agency for the Official State Gazette since 1999.

You can get in touch with me through the website for any book-related queries or services, and from my workshop I will be happy to help.

From my workshop Encuadernarium, I am at your disposal and that of your library.

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