Binding and artistic restoration of books in Madrid

Artistic binding and restoration of books and graphic work.

Encuadernarium is a space for book lovers who are interested in their content, care, design, creation and conservation.

On Encuadernarium you can witness works created with care and attention to detail, resolve doubts and enquire about works which you would like us to diligently and professionally carry out.

We offer you the possibility of enhancing your knowledge of binding, its origin and history, and its types and uses in different geographical and historical-artistic contexts.

Winner of the Grand Prix de la Biennale Mondiale de la Reliure d’Art 2022.
Saint-Rémy-les-Chevreuse, Francia

César Fariza, encuadernador profesional en Madrid

César Fariza

Professional and vocational bookbinder with a passion for books. In my workshop, I examine books in detail and with precision, for the purpose of carrying out the work that they require, whether it be binding, conservation and/or restoration, analysing and understanding their structure, and adding artistic value to every graphic document. I constantly develop my training in order to keep my knowledge up-to-date so that I can offer you a service which goes beyond your expectations.



A meeting point for book lovers

Encuadernarium seeks to be your online reference for all things related to bookbinding, conservation and restoration of books and other graphic documents. A communication portal for the exchange of knowledge to enhance the enjoyment of our bound treasures.

We aim to be the meeting place for enthusiasts of artisanal and luxurious bookbinding.

Product of collaborative work

Encuadernarium emerged from a yearning to showcase works which have been carried out over years. It is the fruit of collaboration between booklovers, craftwork and a desire for well executed work.

It was established with the aim of offering artisanal works created with accuracy, quality and refinement. The scope for artistic creativity is an added value, making luxurious books, pieces and collector’s items.